Page 2 - Reading the Bible in 3D
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the Bible as you’ve 

never seen it before

For most people, reading the Bible is like watching a foreign 

movie with no subtitles. The keys to understanding the book are 

hidden in plain sight, but we haven’t been trained to see them.

The Bible is a story. 

The Bible has a shape. 

The Bible has a tune. 

The Bible is art. 

The Bible is fun.

Contemporary culture has been shaping us for a 

fresh look at the Bible. This amazing book has been 

biding its time, waiting for a new generation of 

visual thinkers who are profoundly savvy when it 

comes to story, poetry and symbolism.

This little book will give you your first glimpse of 

the potential of the structural and symbolic wonders 

in the Bible. It’s time to open your eyes.

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