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Recent discoveries about Bible numbers are astounding. The facts set 

out in this book are of such an extraordinary nature that they would 

be regarded as incredible if it were not possible for everyone to see 

and examine them with their own eyes. To study the subject and to 

make new discoveries is a thrilling occupation. Adding up columns of 

figures is dull, but when you expect a certain answer and then find your 

result is even more wonderful than you expected, arithmetic becomes 


The significance and importance of Bible numbers cannot be over- 

estimated. In a day when destructive critics laugh the Bible to scorn as 

a book of myths and fairy stories, this impregnable Book unsheathes a 

new and hitherto secret weapon. Numbers show that the Scriptures are 

no work of man, but the inspired Word of God.

In spite of the profound nature of the subject, its principles are so simple 

that anyone can understand them. I suppose all of us have a suspicion 

that numbers have a significance beyond their numeric value, though 

most people would stoutly deny that they were superstitious. However, 

it cannot be denied that popular belief holds that the number thirteen is 

unlucky. There are even smokers who will not light three cigarettes off 

one match. Although such superstitions are wholly unfounded, they do 

at least show that the association of ideas with numbers is a principle to 

which the human mind takes easily.

A belief in the symbolism of numbers can be traced back to the early 

Egyptians, though in later years their priests appear to have entirely lost 

the knowledge of what the numbers stood for. Science degenerated into 

superstition, and all that remained was a belief that numbers stood for 

something, but no one knew quite what. An example of this may be 

found in their lists of kings in which the reigns of the early kings and the 

duration of their dynasties are quite fantastic, and have apparently been 

taken from measurements of the Great Pyramid!

Later, Pythagoras, who drew much of his knowledge from Egypt, stated 

that “all things are numbers”, and claimed that ten was the perfect number. 

Throughout the Dark Ages there were students of the subject, but it has 

only been during recent years that any real advance has been made.

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